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S-ONE Technologies has more than 30 years of experience.

We provide waterproofing solution for all your water seepage problems including Toilet,  Shower,  Balcony,  Floor,  Ceiling,  Wall Leaks, Roofing Repairs & Maintenance.

Our services includes a free on-site consultation which allows us to provide you with the best solution to your waterproofing problems.

30 years Experience

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chemical flood infusion

If you are facing waterproofing problems, instead of PU Injection Grouting that involves drilling and hacking, S-ONE suggests using the Chemical Flood Infusion Technique.

So, what causes these water leaks and seepages?

When structural damage occurs, it causes cracks that runs deep into the body of the walls. Water then seeps through these cracks into your house causes said leaks.

The better cost-efficient and effective way to solve them is by using the Flood Infusion Technique. The areas affected by seepage damage is covered by chemicals that flows into said cracks and crystallizes, hence stopping and preventing further leakage.

Using our Thermal Imagining technology, we are now able to pinpoint the exact source of leakage and accurately solve your water seepage problems for you!

Essentially, Chemical Flood Infusion proves to be better, faster and more hassle free. Most importantly, it requires no hacking or drilling

re-roofing , Re-Tiling
membrane coating

Re-roofing services allows us to coat the roof with an updated cover of waterproofing membrane, essentially re-waterproofing your entire roof, deck or balcony.

Roof tile repair services allows us to realign, and also to mend and patch any cracks or crevices of your roof tiles, preventing and stopping any current or future water leakages.

Membrane Coating allows us to help you apply coatings of waterproofing membrane to strengthen the foundation of your floors or walls preventing and stopping any current or future water leakages.